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As more climate migrants cross borders seeking refuge, laws will need to adapt

Hickory Record 08 Jun 2021
Take the case of Ioane Teitiota, a man from the island nation of Kiribati who sought refugee status in New Zealand in 2013. He was ultimately deported on the grounds that his life wasn’t in immediate danger in his homeland ... agreements if they send people back to situations where climate change has created life-threatening risks.

Kiribati: Fishing for food and resilience, sowing seeds for people and the planet

Reliefweb 16 Feb 2021
CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTING KIRIBATI ... Climate change impacts are immediate and tangible along Kiribati's coasts ... The consequences of ocean warming are particularly concerning, with many families reliant on fragile marine ecosystems for food and an income – and Kiribati’s greater economy heavily dependent on life underwater ... LIFE BELOW WATER.

US spent $200 million sending 8,722 ventilators around the world and can't find many now, ...

Henry Herald 30 Jan 2021
One hundred fifty of the ventilators went to countries with zero new cases per day on the date the government committed to sending the life-saving machines overseas, as the US edged closer to a shortage of much-needed ventilators. Kiribati and Nauru, two of the countries that ...

Mona Foma 2021: summer festival skimps on shock and awe to thrust Tasmanian music and art into limelight

The Observer 17 Jan 2021
Consider Big hArt’s the Acoustic Life of Boatsheds. It’s a spin-off from the social change-driven production company’s acclaimed (though less specifically nautical) project, the Acoustic Life of Sheds ... Big hART’s Acoustic Life of Boatsheds ... The Kiribati Choir perform as part of the Acoustic Life of Boatsheds.

'Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and it particularly impacts the displaced'

UNHCR 30 Nov 2020
Ruling on a complaint by a Kiribati resident seeking asylum from the effects of rising sea levels, the UN Human Rights Committee found in January that countries may not deport individuals who face climate change-induced conditions that violate the right to life.

I have witnessed the horrors of climate change in the Pacific. Australia, it is time for action

The Observer 10 Feb 2020
Frank Bainimarama. Read more ... It’s Newton’s third law. there will be a reaction. Climate change means extreme weather events, loss of life and property, species and ecosystem loss, and sadly, forced migration ... We are already seeing some places, such as Kiribati and the Marshall Islands becoming unfit for human life due to temperature increase ... .

It Is Time to Change the Definition of Refugee

Human Rights 28 Jan 2020
He claimed that New Zealand had violated his right to life under the covenant because the sea level rise had shrunk habitable space in Kiribati, resulting in violent land disputes and environmental degradation ... The committee noted that Kiribati will become uninhabitable within the next 10 to 15 years because of rising sea levels.

The Pacific Islands are drowning under rising sea levels. These stunning photos show their precarious ...

Business Insider 28 Jan 2020
Warmer waters, coral bleaching, flooding, erosion, and changing weather patterns are changing their way of life ... The traditional way of life in island nations like Vanuatu, Tuvalu , Fiji, Kiribati, and the Marshall Islands is deteriorating because of climate change ... Thousands of people have already fled the region for New Zealand, seeking a new life.

UN Human Rights Committee rules against deportation of ‘climate refugees’

Free West Media 23 Jan 2020
The judgment is based on the case of Ioane Teitiota from Kiribati, who applied for asylum in 2013 in New Zealand. He stated that his life and that of his family was threatened by the rise in sea level in ...

UN landmark case for people displaced by climate change

Amnesty 20 Jan 2020
He then took his case to the HRC on the grounds that New Zealand violated his right to life under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, by deporting him to Kiribati ... Duncan Laki Muhumuza, of Uganda, stated that the “conditions of life laid out by the author – ...

Climate refugees can't be returned home, says landmark UN human rights ruling

The Observer 20 Jan 2020
He said that as Kiribati was predicted to be uninhabitable in 10 to 15 years, his life was endangered by remaining there ... the moment similar to Teitiota’s, with people, mostly from Tuvalu and Kiribati, claiming that the impacts of the climate crisis affected their right to life.

Climate refugees cannot be returned home: UN

Taipei Times 20 Jan 2020
He said that as Kiribati was predicted to be uninhabitable in 10 to 15 years, his life was endangered by remaining there ... “On a personal level for Ioane and his family it is bad news, because obviously it’s decided that his claim that his right to life was threatened in Kiribati ...

Climate refugees cannot be sent back home, United Nations rules in landmark decision

Henry Herald 20 Jan 2020
The UN's Human Rights Committee was making a judgment on the case of Ioane Teitiota, who applied for protection from New Zealand after claiming his life was at risk in his home country of Kiribati ... The report claims that, due to coastal erosion and freshwater contamination, Kiribati could become uninhabitable as early as 2050.

Climate crisis could justify asylum claims: UN committee

Deccan Herald 20 Jan 2020
The independent experts on the Human Rights Committee issued a non-binding but closely watched ruling in a case brought by Ioane Teitiota from the Pacific island nation of Kiribati ... Several Pacific island nations including Kiribati are seen as among the most vulnerable in the world to climate change as they are just a few metres above sea level.